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Motability at Rowcliffes

3 years of worry-free motoring with your new Motability car.

  • No insurance to worry about for three years.
  • No servicing or repairs to worry about for three years.
  • No breakdown recovery to worry about for three years.
  • No depreciation to worry about.
  • Mostly no deposit to worry about when it is time for another Brand-New Car.

As you reach the end of your current lease agreement, you may be thinking of choosing your next Motability car. You can do this, and place your order for a new car, up to 3 months before the end of your current car lease agreement ends. You can choose from a wide range of cars on offer at Rowcliffes, and many that you can drive away with No Advance Payment, and many more with an Advance Payment of less than £500.

What is Motability


  • Insurance equivalent to a full comprehensive policy
  • Up to two drivers free of charge - a third driver can be added for a small fee once handover has taken place
  • Insurance also covers window and windscreen replacement or repair (customer excess may apply)
  • Some restrictions on who qualifies


  • Full breakdown cover provided on a priority basis
  • Car fixed by the roadside or arrangement made to get the car and customer back home
  • If the car is towed into a dealership, RAC provided a hire car to the customer upon request for up to 48 hours
  • Cover includes travel within the European Union and European Economic Area (customer must contact RAC before travelling to obtain VE103 cover document)


  • Provides replacement tyres at no cost to the customer
  • Subject to a fair usage policy
  • Replacement of all tyres worn or damaged through normal use (Kwik-Fit will change tyres when tread down to 2mm)
  • Puncture repairs and wheel balance included at no extra charge
  • Vandalised and stolen tyres also covered

Service, Maintenance and Repair

  • Regular servicing recommended by the manufacturer
  • Maintenance repairs necessary due to general wear and tear at no extra cost
  • MOT also covered at the End of Contract (EoC)